About Dailyn Matthews

Hollywood Stunt Woman

just the right amount of crazy…

Professional stuntwoman for hire. With years of experience, including roles in “Red Dawn”, “CSI: NY”, “24”, “Spiderman II”, “Mad Men” and “True Blood”, Dailyn’s versatility will prove a certain match for nearly any situation. She is professional, hard-working, with a great attitude and just downright fun.

Feel free to check out examples of her work in Stunt Reel and Acting/Stunt Reel pages, as well as the On-Set Photos.

Dailyn Matthews grew up in a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan. She has lived in L.A. for over 20 years. Hailing from an acting background, she definitely found her niche in the stunt world.

Not only can she take a hit, but she can convincingly deliver dialogue as well. She feels very blessed to be a part of the stunt community and looks forward to the next time she gets shot, punched, thrown out of a moving vehicle, flown through the air, or whatever the job requires.